December 22, 2010

Fredrik interviews Steve Condie

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Steve Condie is the lawyer representing the banana workers in the ongoing Tellez vs. Dole case. Fredrik Gertten met him this summer in Los Angeles inside LA Superiour Court and discussed what’s happening next in the case.

December 4, 2010

WG Film celebrates victory over Dole

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Monday afternoon, the filmmakers behind BANANAS!* celebrated at the Malmö office with friends and media. Just days ago, the LA Superiour Court decided to strike Dole’s lawsuit against the film and to grant the anti-SLAPP motion filed in defence by the filmmakers.
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More photos from the celebration »
(link to WG Film’s Facebook page)


Congratulations from colleagues and friends:

"Fredrik, I’m happy to see that Dole will be required to reimburse your costs incurred in defending against the SLAPP suit they filed in an attempt to prevent you from showing your film, Bananas*.  Dole’s filing the SLAPP suit against you in a transparent attempt to suppress information about what that corporation has done in Central America was a major factor in convincing me to step in to defend the plaintiffs in the Tellez case.  I can only hope that your success will encourage more investigations so that more information can be brought to light about what really has happened in Nicaragua.

Dole’s scorched-earth tactic of attacking journalists, investigators and lawyers in an all-out effort to suppress the truth about what Dole and its agents have done in Central America has been frustrated by your courage in refusing to back down when attacked by an industry giant.     As Edmund Burke stated:  "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."  Keep up the good work!"

/Steve Condie
(The new lawyer who’s defending the affected workers in the Tellez case (the case featured in BANANAS!*).


"This is a remarkable victory for Swedish openness and democracy. Now, I hope the film’s message get the attention it deserves. As citizens, we can still influence the working conditions in poor countries and the ruthless exploitation of natural resources." (Our translation)

/Luciano Astudillo
(Ex Parliament member who arranged a screening of BANANAS!* in the Swedish parliament.)


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