January 11, 2011

Gertten speaks at Frontline Club, London

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Frontline Club in London presents a special screening of BANANAS!* Monday 24th of January. Fredrik Gertten will talk about freedom of speech and answer questions from the audience.

Frontline Club was set up by Vaughan Smith in 2003 in honour of colleagues at the Frontline Television News agency who died pursuing their work. It brings together the key players and thinkers in politics and the media and give you an opportunity not only to hear from experts but to ask questions and contribute to the discussion in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Recently Frontline is known as the safehaven of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Read more at Frontline’s website »

Austria goes BANANAS!*

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Austrian distributor Poool Filmverleih takes on BANANAS!* in a new and groundbreaking way. For the first time together with the national broadcaster ORF. This is how Austria will go BANANAS!* in the next coming days:

January 14, Friday – Top Kino, Vienna. POOOL Filmverleih celebrates in cooperation with the ORF the premiere of Bananas!*. TV host Paul Kraker (ORF) moderates the audience discussion with Fredrik Gertten after the filmscreening. 

January 15, Saturday – Matinée. Fair Trade breakfast starts at 10.30 a.m. The film starts at 12.30 p.m. Director Fredrik Gertten talks with MMag. Herbert Wasserbauer ( about the current conditions of employment for banana workers. 

January 16, Sunday – Broadcast. ORF2 broadcast of the German dubbed version of the film. 

January 21, Friday – Theatrical release! General theatrical release in Austrian cinemas. Filmstart 8 p.m. Daily screenings in Vienna and Linz.

Talks at Top Kino, Vienna:
January 21, Friday – Film and podiumdiscussion. Filmstart: 8 p.m. Klaus Werner-Lobo (author, politician) and Werner Hörtner talk about alternitiv ways for globalization.

January 27, Thursday – Film and podiumdiscussion. Filmstart: 06.15 p.m. Dr. Peter Drössler talks with Peter Jäger (autlook filmsales) and Dr. Alfred Noll (media lawer) about documentaries as a political way of expression, the right of free speech and the yet failed attempt to stop the release of the film BANANAS!*

The events are a collaboration between Poool Filmverleih, WG Film, Autlook Films, Südwind Austria, Greenpeace Austria, Dreikönigsaktion, Global 2000, Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten and Abeiterkammer Wien. 

Read more at POOOL Filmverleih exclusive BANANAS!* website »

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