Dole’s evidence in fraud case contested

After months of silence, a new plaintiffs’ lawyer in the Tellez case has filed a motion in the California Superior Court which seriously contests Dole’s allegations of fraud in the Nicaraguan DBCP cases. The new lawyer, Steve Condie, writes that Judge Victoria Chaney’s dismissal of all upcoming DBCP cases was not only unfair, but also a distraction from the genuine claim involving Dole’s use of DBCP.

In the motion, Condie writes that at least four of the anonymous “John Doe” witnesses were paid by Dole and that four more had their own personal motives to slander American lawyers involved in DBCP litigation in Nicaragua. And since the “John Doe” witnesses were anonymous, it’s practically impossible to double check their statements, which is unfair.

Condie concludes that none of Dole’s evidence in the fraud case is reliable or unbiased: ”there is no credible evidence suggesting that any fraudulent activities engaged in Nicaragua by anyone had any impact or effect on the trial in this case“.

Further hearings in the case are scheduled for May 10-11.

Dowload the motion » (PDF)


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Amanda Bronstad,

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Thanks for standing up for what’s right and fair, keep up the good work!

No way I belive the Dole laywers cookup. I have expirenced the same frpm a swedsich LAw firm Wistrands in Stockholm. They stop at nothing to spread lies and invent lies if it suits their clients.

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