October 14, 2009

Swedish MPs reply to Dole: “we are not impressed”

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Parliament members Mats Johansson and Luciano Astudillo invited director Fredrik Gertten to screen BANANAS!* in the Swedish parliament on October 1. The meeting was held, and the response was overwhelming from politicians from left to right. Read more »

Before the meeting, Michael Carter, Executive Vice President of Dole, sent a letter to Johansson and Astudillo. In the letter, Carter provided Dole’s perspective on BANANAS!* and “a more complete understanding, given the October 1 screening”. Read the full letter »

On October 8, Johansson and Astudillo sent a reply to Carter’s letter:

"Dear Michael,

Thanks for your letter of September 28, regarding the Bananas-film.

Regrettably, we have to say that we are not very impressed by the way you are arguing your case. A more civilized way of behaving would be to answer the questions raised by the film in a proper way with a serious intention, rather than attacking Mr Gertten.

It seems clear to us that you are misled by your PR-firm on how to influence Swedish opinion, with a poor understanding of our tradition of free speech during more than two hundred years.  As the saying goes: all business is local. We strongly recommend a change of bureau and tactics, if you are at all interested in the Swedish market. But first and most we urge you – in the name of free speech – to withdraw your lawsuit against Mr Gertten.

Stockholm, October 8, 2009

Mats Johansson, M P for the Conservatives
Luciano Astudillo, M P for the Social Democrats


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