September 29, 2009

”Dole threatens free speech”

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In an opinion piece published in Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, chairmen of three major Swedish film organizations urges Dole to withdraw their lawsuit against BANANAS!*.

Selected parts from the article (our translation):


Dole threatens free speech

"Right now, there is a legal process in the United States where questions about free speech are being pushed to its limits.

Should it be possible, in a democratic society, to prohibit the screening of a documentary criticizing a major company? Should a company be able to stop the criticism in advance and stifle discussion and debate?”


“Dole’s lawsuit concerns the very basic principles of freedom of expression.

In a globalized world, where economic and political interests moves freely across national borders, free speech must also be global and without frontiers.

A Swedish film crew must have the freedom to examine the actions of a large American company in another country, and must be able to put forward their criticism to public examination and debate.

The foundations of an open society are poisoned when journalists, writers, artists and filmmakers have to work under the threat of being sued every time a financially strong party is examined.

If companies, public institutions or organizations believe that they are subjected to false or unfounded criticism, they all have the option and means to respond in an open discussion. To prohibit a critical examination is a serious restriction of free speech.

We urge Dole Food to withdraw their lawsuit and instead acknowledge our open society and freedom of expression.”


Lars Engqvist
Chairman, Sveriges Television (Swedish public service television)

Björn Rosengren
Chairman, Producentföreningen (Swedish Film & TV Producers Association)

Håkan Tidlund
Chairman, Svenska Filminstitutet (Swedish Film Institute)


Read the full article at » (in Swedish)


Read more about Dole’s lawsuit and our Anti-SLAPP motion and Cross-Complaint:


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