Dole’s video response to the BANANAS!* trailer

If you do a search on the term “DBCP” on, Dole shows up in the “sponsored links” sidebar. They are paying Google to be on top of the search results when users are trying to find information about DBCP. When you click on the sponsored link, you end up here.

The page serves as Dole’s resource for information in DBCP related court cases. The latest addition is a video response to the BANANAS!* trailer, where they provide their view of the recent event.

Just before the screening at the LA Film Festival, director Fredrik Gertten held a speech. He also screened Dole’s trailer. He did this to prove that all voices are being heard, and to show the importance of free speech, regardless of side, opinion or message.

Google’s sponsored links are often embedded on other sites, and on, the host of the BANANAS!* trailer, Dole’s DBCP link is also showing up. There is nothing wrong with that. As Gertten said:

“I believe in democracy and I believe in the free word, and I believe there is a balance in a society between different voices. /…/ There is room for everybody in a talk about things that happens in our society, and I think it should also be room for independent films.”



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“I believe in democracy and I believe in the free word, and I believe there is a balance in a society between different voices”
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Mr. Gertten is someone to be admired of. I fully agree with him when he stated that he believes in democracy and that he believes that there is a balance in a society. I also share the same view. I believe that there is freedom and balance in the earth. For instance, one can have Holiday cancellations for sale because it’s her choice or right to do so.

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Yes I also believe in freedom.

I am agree with director Fredrik Gertten. I also believe in freedom. Thanks “Dole”.
And wish you all the best.

Fredrik Gertten rightly said and I also agree with him, I also believe in freedom. Thanks “Dole”.
And wish you all the best.

Thanks “Dole”.
And wish you all the best.

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