BANANAS!* free speech campaign

Dole Food Company is suing filmmaker Fredrik Gertten, producer Margarete Jangård and our production company WG Film for slander and defamation with our film BANANAS!*. The film follows an historic event in an American court, and is a matter of public record – not defamation.

We are supporters of free speech. We believe that filmmakers have the right to make films on important issues and bring stories to the forefront that can create debate and criticism. Lawsuits such as this one are meant to silence and stop all communication and dialogue.

Dole is trying to shift the focus from themselves and their controversial treatment of banana workers on to us and our film. This unfounded lawsuit means more than just silencing a single documentary film. It is a threat against free speech itself and will set precedence for all of us if Dole succeeds. We can not let Dole stop BANANAS!*.

In October 2009, BANANAS!* will premiere in the following Swedish cities:

(More will be announced soon)
Båstad, Scala, Oct 9
Fagersta, Folkets hus, Oct 9
Gusum, Folkan bio, Oct 9
Göteborg, Roy, Oct 9
Haparanda, Folkets hus, Oct 9
Järfälla, Folkets hus Kallhäll, Oct 9
Lund, Kino, Oct 9
Malmö, Spegeln, Oct 9
Mörrum, Bio Laxen, Oct 9
Nynäshamn, Folkets hus, Oct 9
Osby, Bio Borgen, Oct 9
Skärhamn, Saga, Oct 9
Skoghall, Folkets hus, Oct 9
Stockholm, Rio, Oct 9
Stockholm, Zita, Oct 9
Tomelilla, Brösarps bio, Oct 9
Trollhättan, Forum/Folkets hus, Oct 9
Uppsala, Fyris, Oct 9 (no broadcast)
Västerås, Elektra, Oct 9
Ånge, Folkets hus, Oct 9
Åseda, Folkets hus, Oct 9
Örebro, Roxy, Oct 9
Östersund, Regina, Oct 9 (no broadcast)

More premiere dates, October 2009:
Kumla, Folkan, Oct 11
Älmhult, Folkan, Oct 13
Söråker, Folkets hus, Oct 14
Umeå, Folkets bio, Oct 16
Norrköping, Harlekinen, Oct 18 & 25
Växjö, Palladium, Oct 22
Lidköping, Folkets hus, Oct 23
Karlstad, Arenan, Oct 26-27


Take action
We need your help! We want the film to be seen by as many people as possible. Here are some suggestions what you can do:

  • Spread the word by telling the BANANAS!* story to all your friends.
  • Join our Facebook fan page and invite your friends.
  • Spread the trailer: YouTube » or Vimeo »
  • Start a debate in your local newspaper about for example corporate responsibility, food politics or the importance of free speech.
  • Pay a visit to your local food store and ask where their bananas come from. Demand that they sell only fair trade bananas.
  • Dig deeper into the story and publish articles on your blog. Help us shift the focus away from the controversy around the film and back to Dole (or other transnational food companies) and their actions in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
  • Send emails or letters to Dole and their lawyers and let them know you don’t like how they are trying to silence an independent filmmaker by litigation.
  • Send emails to groups and organizations working with food politics, pesticides, corporate responsibility and free speech. Tell them about the film and the lawsuit and ask them to post news about it on their website and link to this site.
  • Launch a BANANAS!* petition online or sign an existing one. Sign the Reporters Without Borders petition »
  • If you are an artist (musician, moviemaker etc.) let the press and your fans know that you support us.


Further action
If BANANAS!* screens in your city, gather some friends and create a local support group. Help us represent BANANAS!* at the screenings. Do you want to help us? Send a mail to

  • Put up posters around the city. Hand out newsletters and sell T-shirts and posters at the screenings. We will send you everything you need by mail from our Malmö office and keep in touch by email and telephone.
  • Inform local politicians, organizations, activists and celebrities about the film and the dates of the screenings. Give them a call or send them our ready made info letter. Ask them to make statements to the press about what they think about the film and the lawsuit.
  • Arrange debates after the screenings about for example food politics, corporate responsibility or free speech. Invite researchers, journalists and representatives from fair trade organizations and corporations. Maybe the local school, university or other study association can provide a location and assist in arranging such an event?
  • If you are an artist, create a piece of art inspired by bananas. For example your relation to the fruit or a comment to the political and social dilemmas it holds. With your permission, we would love to publish your work or provide links here on this site.


For the latest BANANAS!* updates and news



Snyggt jobbar. Vi hejjar på er!!

[...] On August 23rd, a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the BANANAS!* case and to activate supporters around the Swedish premiere was launched. Join the BANANAS!* Free Speech Campaign » [...]

So, is it possible to get this film in Stockholm before Sunday, or do we have to steal it?

We have much power as consumers, especially in Sweden we eat a lot of bananas. We should ban all unethical companies and to be able to do that we need free journalism and film making.

Is the film already in Argentina?

this movie tells the truth and what is going on is tragic, it suck to know that the authorities do not do anything about the situation. bye…=]

my father worked for the vaccaros and blaise he is still alive, to blame banana co you have to blame the cia fbi the mob , the kennedys, read peter dale scotts book , and the the drug trade .case closed

that is Blaise d antoni and dr joe vaccaro standard fruit and ss co he is 86 yrs old.

You can also donate money to Filmmaker’s Freedom of Speech directly from facebook

Sri Lanka is the newest country which recently Dole started their banana plantations. But most of our civilians dose not informed about this disaster. If you can screen this film in Sri Lanka it will help to fight against this mafia.

i do not know why…

It’s been 2 years, when can Americans buy the dvd?

”[...] Working conditions in Company operations are designed to protect the health, safety and well-being of all Dole employees. Workers on Dole farms are trained to safely apply crop protection products and are required to use the protective clothing appropriate to their activities. Regular reviews of working conditions ensure that Dole’s operations comply with all applicable labor codes. [...]”

* Posted as a laughing joke, a quote from Dole’s website. Apperently, they haven’t seen the film? Anyhow, it’s remarkable how they continue concealing the truth…

What’s a joke is the picture they put on that page: a the worker wearing “protective clothing”…

(I’m talking about the picture above the article that has the word “principles” oeverlapped)


Is it possible to still host a screening of this film?


Yes it is! Just send a request to

Bra jobbat, Frederik och medarbetare!

Shame on DOLE for ruining the lives of their Nicaraguan workers, spraying poison on their own workforce! I’d advice any sympathetic person to boycott Dole until their bankrupcy. The clear bankrupcy in morality which occupies part of the corporate USA shown in Fredrik Gerttens movie “Bananas”, is devilish.

Jarl Tollefsen

Business owner, Norway

Great documentary about the film BANANAS! shown on NRK! Keep up the good work !!!


Where can I find the out come of the trial the video filmed? What has happened to the people and has Dole stopped? What else can I do?

I feel very strongly about your fight against the strong-arm tactics of Dole to restrict your creative freedom I have posted a crawler link on the bottom of my US site
Keep up the good work.

I never, never, never buy Dole bananas.
Something went wrong in this world and our justice. A bananas farmer can pervert the truth.
By the way, there are many labels on my car against Dole and I drive many miles a day.
See you in hell, Dole.

I saw your documentary on the Flemish public channel last night. Congrats and thanks for your courage! I hope your documentary will be a source of inspiration to many more.

I rented the DVD, Big Boys Gone Bananas. I hope the plight of the workers is not lost during the fight for free speech. I am embarrassed that I have heard nothing in the U.S. about boycotting Dole products. Dole was right to be scared of its brand being tarnished. After seeing the film, I know I will never buy another Dole product and will pass the word along.

Jeg ønsker å rette en stor takk til Fredrik Gertten og Margarete Jangård. Denne saken har engasjert meg siden jeg så dere på STV. Jeg har valgt å skrive en skoleoppgave om dette, som en del av min bachelor, og vil i ettertid distrubiere mine tanker rundt dette til så mange jeg klare.

Lykke til videre

Thanks for daring to do what is right - to expose the truth. I appreciate the film very much. I don’t want to support Dole with any further purchases.

keep the good work, another officially Dole-free household.

Hi, I do think this is an excellent blog. I stumbledupon it ;)
I may revisit yet again since I book-marked it.
Money and freedom is the best way to change, may you be rich and continue to guide
other people.

I have seen both films, and I really like them. I have seen some giant banner of Pressbyrån with Dole labeled bananas on it…Dole trying to clean their reputation in Sweden? maybe

The campaign to seek justice for the many thousands of farm workers exposed to harmul chemicals causing an untold number of deaths and sterility needs to be cranked up to a new level. Especailly in the US where Dole is based … our American friends need to step up and put pressure on Dole by bycotting their products. I just saw the film and the story about the Swedish film director on the Aljazeera channel. If I didn’t happen to get this station I would be completely unaware of this incredible injustice. I would like to thank all of the people including the film director, the Cuban American lawyer and all other lawyers involved for having the courage to take on Dole. But I say Dole should have to pay a much, much higner price for their unscrupulous practices. Hurt them most in the pocked book by never buying another Dole product as long as you live. I am going to talk about his on facebook etc and hopefull gain some new momentum.

Hi i just watched Bananas and Big Boys Gone Bananas and i liked both films very much !!
Thank you for your work and endurance.
I will never buy a Dole product in my life again thats for sure - but they are not the only culprits out there, we must stand up to our responsibility as consumers

much love from Germany


I am totally shocked! I eat bananas every day with little thought as to how they are brought to where I live in Vancouver Canada. I will never eat or buy any Dole products or any related products that could possibly harm my fellow humans. It’s time to stop being human beings and become humans being. I cannot in good conscience contribute to the wrongdoings of people who work hard and are injured just so I can wake up in the morning to have my banana to start my day. It might be time to help people in these areas that rely on us buying the product they harvest to help them to diversify into other crops that won’t harm them. .or the rest of us at the receiving end. ..

Just watched big boys goes bananas on netflix(curiously they don’t have bananas!* at least one of em is, very fine job exposing the PR, strong arm crap that this country is unfortunately turned into. Non journalists who just reprint newswires, and nonreporters who just read what ever is put in front of them. we have anonymous threating political commercials that have been running nonstop since the beginning of the year and will continue til november. Democracy/freedom of speech is constantly underfire by the powers that be, cuz they’re afraid of being the powers that has been. nice job putting yourelf and your art out there..more power to ya!
duane barringer,
portland oregon

Just watched big boys goes bananas on netflix, curiously they don’t have bananas!* at least one of em is, very fine job exposing the PR, strong arm crap that this country is unfortunately turned into. Non journalists who just reprint newswires, and nonreporters who just read what ever is put in front of them. we have anonymous threating political commercials that have been running nonstop since the beginning of the year and will continue til november. Democracy/freedom of speech is constantly underfire by the powers that be, cuz they’re afraid of being the powers that has been. nice job putting yourelf and your art out there..more power to ya!
duane barringer,
portland oregon

Fascinating film…watched it on Netflix.
Too Bad for Dole.
Til I learn something to the contrary, will not buy its products.

I just watched “Big Boys Gone Bananas”, and it was really refreshing to see that these kinds of cases can have a happy end. Some time ago I watched “David versus Monsanto”, which really shattered any illusions I had left about the legal systems of this world being able to distinguish right from wrong.

Why buy the Film-DVD?
Make a torrent of this film and spread it instead… That way more people will see it! And, the makers have made their share of money so now it’s time for TRUE free speech!!!

Because buying Bananas is the same thing, it doesn’t matter if they are by Dole or by Fredrik…

-IMHO, Ville

Greetings from Czech Republic. Thank you for your movie. You all have my respect no to give it up against Dole company. I wish I could be so strong as you are!

Congratulations Mr Gertten!

In solidarity from Athens, Greece


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