Scientific publication on Dole vs banana workers litigation

BANANAS!* covered just a tiny portion of the ongoing fight for workers health in relation to the use of the chemical DBCP. Now the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health has published a scientific article on the subject.

Download the full article (PDF):
Secrecy and justice in the ongoing saga of DBCP litigation
By Vicent Boix & Susanna R. Bohme


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the damages that as been cause to the workers of Lanai
Hawaii ……is considerable a cemetary is full of people who died of cancer …Mr Murdock as lavish the small island with
hotels and golf courses …its sad that the remaining old timers who work for DOLE on Lanai are not taking legal actions of their own because Mr Murdock as bought them over and still trying to screw them by building one of the biggest windmill project in Hawaii

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